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The Ghost in the Shell eau de parfum 50 ml

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Format: 50 ml

Merger of the matter, birth of the spirit.

By mixing biotech and natural materials, this perfume silently celebrates the wake of the future and also whispers of a day to come, by providence or chance, when humanity is reunited and organized. A day when all consciousness is summoned by the infosphere to constitute a superior being and pass from the inert to the living. As the molecules assemble to make the living, we will then make a qualitative leap that becomes the starting point and arrival of transhumanism.

This perfume is the future. It comes to us from the 20th century.

Ghost in the Shell, a perfume that speaks of the human phenomenon and its paradox, a perfume to wear on oneself ab libitum, at one’s pleasure. A perfume as a propagation towards the other, that makes you the axis and the arrow of evolution; modern, indeed! From the bottom of the matter, rise up.

  • Made in Frankreich
  • Kopfnote: Aqual, Hexyl Acetate, Yuzu
  • Herznote: Echte Jasmin, Milch, Mugane, Milchiger Hautakkord
  • Basisnote: Ambroxan, Pflanzliches Moos, Vinylguajakol
  • Neu mit Designerverpackung

ID FRMODA:00024344004302
ID Designer:ELO43V050


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