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Luci ed Ombre eau de parfum sample 2 ml

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Format: 2 ml
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Format: 2 ml
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Format: 35 ml
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You are peaceful and untroubled. You feel like you were between a barley field and a thick wood, where no sunbeam can penetrate. There is a blinding light, everything seems calm and quiet. Out of a sudden a shiver runs down your back. You realize that such an enticing scene has a gloomy facet, intriguing and mysterious. It is the night meeting the day, the embrace between light and shadow. The breeze in your hair and the warm and humid breathe of the wolf down your neck. You don’t know any longer neither where you are, nor where you long to be. The dark side is irresistibly fascinating, stronger than any fears and uneasiness it produces.
A fresh, energetic, inebriating perfume.
And a dark, animalic incense.

  • Made in Italy
  • Kopfnote: Weihrauch
  • Herznote: Echte Jasmin, Moos, Tuberose, Ingwer
  • Basisnote: Weihrauch
  • Neu mit Designerverpackung

ID FRMODA:00025931004317
Made in Italy


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