FRMODA, actively involved in the World of Fashion Retail, firmly believes in Sustainability, as well as in Economic Justice. These aspects stand at the basis of the purpose the business has set with respect to the Environmental Cause, which is nowadays pushing each of us to act responsibly. Hence, FRMODA has set an ecological purpose and adopted responsible practices in the selection of Products, so as to enhance an overall social improvement beyond one’s own business. 

The usage of recycled materials in the Hub, such as recycled and eco-sustainable boxes, and a greater closeness to socially active Top Designers stand as an example. This resulted in the choice of Veja and Stella McCartney within the Fashion Industry, Lagalene within the Beauty Area, and many more.


The choices you make today will affect your tomorrow; hence, FRMODA is committed to following the path traced by the most virtuous, because we like to think that a "Planet B" is not the right solution.


In the platform you can always find a label to indicate if a particular product has been crafted from vegan material.