FRMODA Privilege

With the FRMODA Privilege program, you can reward yourself while shopping! If you register to the platform and make purchases by logging into your personal account, you can earn loyalty points to be scaled on your future purchases!

How to earn points?

  • For each euro spent you get one point. €1= 1 POINT
  • Creation of an account on 10 POINTS
  • Subscribe to the newsletter: 10 POINTS

What do the points offer?

Points offer the opportunity to earn a credit to be deducted on future purchases. 

Upon reaching the minimum threshold of 350 points, you can decide to convert them into a discount during the purchase process:

  • 350 points = 14 euro
  • 500 points = 20 euro
  • 850 points = 34 euro
  • 1000 points (maximum accumulated) = 40 euro


Points accumulated during the purchase can not be used except for the next purchase;

  • To be able to spend and earn points, you must be logged in to your personal account and access FRMODA Privilege.
  • To visualize the points is simple: you can do it on every product page and in the cart, therefore at every order.
  • If the amount of the points is less than the price of the order, you will have to pay the remaining amount due.
  • Earned points are valid for 90 days and must be used all at once for an order equal to or greater than the value of the credit itself, if the points credit is less than the price of the order you will have to pay the remaining amount.

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