FRMODA S.r.l., founded in 2007 as a commercial hub in the province of Brescia by Luigi Bertoli and Claudio Salogni, two managers who looked ahead to the future and started setting up an online e-shop, anticipating the trends that would have developed in the following years.

Then, the launch of the first e-Commerce platform in 2011, and of the Luxury Fashion Online Store in 2014, aimed at selling Clothes, Shoes, Bags, and Accessories.


FRMODA Brand Identity was enhanced in 2017 with the drop of the Beauty Area, owing to the launch of niche perfumes.

In order to gain more relevance and knowledge within the Retail area, FRMODA creates bounds with Cadeaux La Maison de Fragrance, a traditional perfumery set in Corso Trieste, in Ponte di Legno, and it manages also to bring in International Designers, like Tom Ford, Alchimista, Carner Barcelona, Farmacia SS. Annunciata, Francesca dell’Oro, Nobile 1942, Perris Montecarlo, Masque Milano, Kilian.

While Beauty products allow the Fashion e-shop to increase its revenue, some activities have been also carried out to set close bounds with International and Made in Italy Top Designers, from the most renowned to the ones now on trend, like Dsquared2, Philippe Model, EA7, Emporio Armani, Moschino, Stella McCartney, Palm Angels, Versace Jeans Couture, Golden Goose, Veja, Alexander McQueen.


While 2020 has been a rollercoaster for most of us, when the run towards online e-shops raised problems, FRMODA was ready: as it has always believed in the Online selling, it managed to face the challenge by enhancing its investment, already occurred in the previous years, in the e-Commerce world. A strong business organization at the base led FRMODA to go on with the race and to increase its sales, concurrently with the launch of the new Headquarter, equipped with offices, shooting and logistic hubs, and a wide space for the loading and unloading of goods.

In 2022, the new FRMODA version gained momentum, the outcome of an investment not only in IT, but also in the business readjustment, which led to the entry of a new ERP and of Akeneo as PIM. Adobe Commerce has been chosen for the new e-Commerce, an easy, flexible and extendible technological tool, developed on a headless architecture. Furthermore, the new version boosts marketing automation and a greater closeness to the Customer, so as to ensure a unique and a customer-based web and selling experience.

With the initiation of the new Platform, new areas and new product’s typologies have been put forward: not only Men and Women Clothing, but also the Beauty area, widened with Cosmetics and Hair Care, HomeDecor, and Wine with Champagne and the finest labels.

In 2023 the launch of the new Glasses category with a myriad of Sunglasses and Optical Frames from Top Designers of the luxury Eyewear. Concurrently, the business went on signing agreements with new Beauty brands, adding new renowned names such as Xerjoff, Clive Christian, Alexandre.J, Jeroboam, Oman Luxury, Jovoy Paris, Stephane Humbert Lucas to the inventory. The Fashion categories as well have seen the entrance of newly acclaimed Designers, exceeding 350 Luxury brands.

FRMODA blends enthusiasm, engagement, passion and sustainability together, the latter stands as a key value for the enterprise: not only does it pay attention to the usage of recycled materials within the hub, but it is also committed to acting in an eco-friendly perspective, by choosing among the Designers that concern the most about the environmental issue.