Masque Milano

Madeleine eau de parfum 35ml

Duft blumig
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Format: 35 ml
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Format: 35 ml
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Format: 10 ml
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"Le donne di Masque" collection.

“Angelina means a lot to me. First of all, it was the name of my mother. And from my mother I inherited the passion for travels and for nice afternoon teas in fancy patisserie. So it was almost natural – when I started traveling frequently to Paris – to feel a strong attraction for this place in Rue de Rivoli. Every single business trip in the Ville Lumiere could not end without a stop at our favourite delicatessen place. And most of the times I ended up eating a chestnut dessert that my mother would cook for me when I was a kid, the Mont Blanc!”
- Alessandro Brun

Stopping at the legendary tearoom – like famous artists and fashion designers did since the turn of the XX Century – means turning back time, bringing back sweet memories that the talented Fanny Bal (the nose behind the creation of Madeleine) skilfully managed to capture in a sweet floral creation that will not pass unnoticed. Like a charming girl, sipping hot chocolate in Rue de Rivoli.

  • Made in Italy
  • Olfaktorische familie: blumige
  • Kopfnote: Kastanie, Kumin, Schlagsahne
  • Herznote: Zypresse, Geranie, Tuberose
  • Basisnote: Vanilleschote, Tonkabohne, Milch, Moos
  • Neu mit Designerverpackung
  • PAO: 36M

ID FRMODA:00009477004312
ID Designer:MF1223
Made in Italy


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